About Us

Kimaya is a blend of Japanese and Arabic cultures that grew out of our founder, Lila Achimu's love for Japanese art and culture. We plan to create designs that transcend time and borders for women of substance. Our styles are here to help you bring out the hidden and refine the conspicuous grace within you. 


Our story began in the elegant gulf region, on the streets of The UAE and we continue to derive inspiration from the timeless fashion of authentic cultures. Our products are focused on glorifying your elegance and bringing your stylish imagination to life. We aim to adorn our customers like we do to ourselves and allow them to showcase liberty in their styles and personalities indistinguishably. 


We, at Kimaya, believe that our outfits form a significant part of our personality and that in turn impacts how people perceive us. With this in mind, the items at Kimaya are designed so that your presence leaves an impression everywhere you go. Explore our culturally rich selection and embrace yourself with being a show-stopper!!